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Every home has a chance to tell a story!  Create that "never want to leave" feeling for the perfect stage and design.  We believe that the right combination of  warmth, vibrancy & sophistication achieves that goal.  At Emerald Treasure Designs we emanate beauty!

Simulating that "never want to leave" feeling within the home is top priority.  Design choice, palette and furniture décor is our focus.  

Yes! There is documented proven research that staging gets a response. Impeccable décor, space and furniture placement can elicit strong feelings of nurture and home.  Staging a home results in a higher selling price and a quicker sale.  

  •  39% of sellers agents agreed that staging a home greatly reduces time on the market.
  • 55% of buyers believe that staging the living room is the most important room in the home.
  • 77% of buyers agents... staging a home made it easier for buyers to visualize their purchase.
  • 21% of sellers agents stated that a staged home increased the dollar value between 6-10%.
  • 72% of staged homes spend less time on the market.
  • 49% of buyers agents cited that home staging had an effect on buyers views of the home. 

We are obsessed at Emerald Treasure Designs.   We focus on the actual home and transform a vacant space into something you will "never want to leave".  Whether its Glam, Coastal, Contemporary Elegance, Eclectic or Farmhouse Sheek, We've got the inventory And Have a blast working for our clients!


A little about me... I purchased my first property in 2002 and there was no going back. I believe in creating a strong body and strong mind!   Meeting new people daily and assisting them in the sales process became not only a profession but a lifestyle.  I have found it extremely inspiring to help a family with the process of finding a new home or someone going through a hardship, resulting in a life change.  Early on, I knew I had a passion for understanding these situations and understanding people's needs.  This led me from my first career as a Teacher/Coach into a Real Estate Principal and the launch of Emerald Treasure Designs.   

I have been designing spaces for clients throughout NY and CT since 2005.   My first design venture was an investment property remodel. The goal was a complete renovation from the "studs" to a flawless design. My most recent projects include a farmhouse remodel in Southport Connecticut and staging edits for newer coastal homes on the Long Island Sound.

It was evident from an early age that I would end up in this field as I was re-arranging my bedroom furniture at age 3!  Yes, I was struggling to push my dressers, night tables and bed as I felt it was best. This being one of my earliest staging and design projects!  This vision became my most passionate venture working along side vendors, homeowners and realtors to create a flow of beauty!  

Please send a note below if you are curious about an interior revitalization, staging or a simple touch up.  I would love to hear from you.  

Drop us a line!

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